Who we are

We're a friendly, mixed ability group that don't take ourselves too seriously!

We don't care if you run 6 minute miles or 16 minute miles, you're very welcome to join us.  While we have some speedy runners, our focus is about enjoying running and meeting up with like minded people - there's no pressure to race (unless you want to!) and no pressure to go fast or far (unless you want to!).

We have a number of qualified coaches and leaders that are all appropriately trained and insured by UK Athletics.  Our groups are all registered on RunEngland, and we provide regular sessions for complete beginners.  We have close links with South Cambridgeshire District Council and Living Sport, as well as local schools and community groups. 

Our leaders (see left for some of them!) are all chosen to be approachable and motivating, and for their ability to deliver effective sessions rather than because they are 'racing snakes'. They will put you at ease and help you achieve your goals without any pressure.

We affiliated with UK Athletics in Sept 2013 and have regular meetings to discuss the future of the club - get involved!