Monday 10 March 2014

Thoughts on running club

"No, your running club isn't right for me. That's where all the fast runners go"
"It's mixed ability"
"That doesn't mean they're all fast"
"That's why it says it's mixed ability.  If it was where all the fast ones go, I'd call it 'the one where all the fast ones go'"
"Oh.  But I can't run for an hour"
"You don't need to, we don't just run"
"What do you do then?"
"Coached technique, drills, speed work, sometimes things like squats and strength, sometimes we work on pace, sometimes we do some agility and coordination, sometimes we do circuit training"
"Oh, like the stuff we do at bootcamp but with extra running bits?  So it's not just running?"
"£3 is a bargain then - why is it so cheap"
"We're a not-for-profit club - it covers our costs"

  • We are operated by a coaching team including a qualified running coach (who also is a personal trainer, handy...) and eight UK Athletics run leaders. We also use local experts in physio, athletics coaching, yoga, sports therapy depending on what we're doing. 
  • We operate as a 'not-for-profit' club.  We price cheaply because of this - it's all about inclusion and getting people to join in.
  • Our club is affiliated to UK Athletics.  We're run by committee - the members decide what happens!
  • We are completely (honestly) mixed ability.  We have complete beginners, we have people that run marathons and everything between.  We have slow ones, we have fast ones.
  • We don't just run.  Ok, we do, but we never charge for this - these sessions are on Weds and Saturday and are always FREE.  
  • Some of our members race.  Some don't.  Some race as unattached members, some race as members of our affiliated club.  Either way is fine.
Why not come along and try us out?  Leave any ideas you might have at home, as I can guarantee it won't be what you expect!

Tuesdays 6:30 The Exhibition, Over (coached session - £3)
Weds 6:30 Swavesey Sports Centre (endurance session, usually 5 - 6 miles, FREE)
Thursday 6:30, Cottenham Village Green (coached session - £3)
Saturday 3:30, various locations, endurance sessions 5k+, FREE (see Facebook each week for meeting points)
Sunday 10am, The Exhibition, Over (coached session - £3).


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